1. Proposal template, RILM Child Development

Proposal Format

PART-1 – General Information

1a. Name of the Organisation
b. Short name of the Organisation (If any)
2. Name and designation of head of the organization
3. Registered office address
4. Correspondence office address (If different from registered office)
5. Contact no. of Organisation

(Please give mobile no. and landline no.)

6. Website
7. Email Address
8. Registered under (Please mention relevant act)
9. Pan Card Number
10. 80G Certificate Number         *
11. 12A Certificate Number*
12. FCRA Certificate Number* – *(along with no. please mentioned the start and end date of validity period)
13. Annual turnover of the last financial year

PART-2Brief of the Organization

14. Vision/Mission:

15. List of Executive Committee                                :

Sl. No. Name Designation Address Qualification Profession

16. Thematic areas of Focus/Intervention

17. List of ongoing projects

Sl. No. Name of the Project Year of starting Amount(Rs.) Types of fund(FC/Local) Donor Name Donor address & Contact No.

18. Details of completed projects (Last 3 years):

Sl. No. Name of the Project Project period Amount(Rs.) Donor Name Donor address & Contact No.


Note: All the information in this section should be strictly about the proposed project)

19. Project Objective (As per SMART criteria):

20. Profile of the proposed operational area:

21. Need analysis statement of the community (Should be specific on why children between 7-14 years) stay out of school:


22. Tentative Project plan:

Sl. No. Activity Month -1 Month-2 Month -3 Quarter -2 Quarter-3 Quarter-4
1. Identification of children
2. Profiling of children
3. Screening of Children
4. Uploading of children profile
5. Training of Teachers
6. Opening of Asha Kiran Centre
7. Asha Kiran centre running
8. Monthly MIS uploading
9. Parents/guardian meetings
10. Advocacy with Local School authority
11. Block level advocacy meeting with Govt. Officials
12. District level advocacy meeting with Govt. Officials
13. Enrolment/re-enrolment/regularized of the children in Govt./Govt. aided school
14. Collection of mainstreamed certificates from govt. schools.
15. Follow up Children attendance in Govt. School
16. Quarterly report submission including financial statement
17. Project completion report submission
18. Value addition (Health camps, competitions, exposure visit etc.)

23. Logical Framework Analysis:

Sl. No Project Objectives Proposed Activity Target/Indicator Proposed Output
Objective 1
Objective 3

PART-5 (Financial Details)

24. Budget

Budget head Proposed % Actual % Units Unit cost Total Q-1 Q-2 Q-3 Q-4
Non recurring cost


Centre set-up cost
Recurring Cost
Personnel cost


Project coordinator
Field supervisor
Asha Kiran teacher
Training of Teachers 10%
Advocacy with stake holders 3%
Travel Cost 10%
Stationery & printing 3%
Contingency 4%
Admin & office expenses 10%
Total 100%

25. Bank Details (Local and FCRA both)

Name of the Bank Address A/c no IFSC code Local/FC

List of enclosures

  1. Registration Certificate
  2. Memorandum of Association with rules and regulations.
  3. 12 A certificate
  4. 80 G certificate
  6. FCRA
  7. Annual reports for last 3 years
  8. Audited reports for last 3 years
  9. Organogram of the Organization

Soft copy of the proposals to be sent at childdevelopment@rotaryteach.organd hard copy to be sent to Rotary India Literacy Mission, 145, Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata – 700026

Get more information on www.rotaryteach.org, |    Ph. No. : 033-24863434/35

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