Mindspower Programs


It was Carl Sagan who said that “Every human mind has the capacity to store 7550 volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica”. Most of us do not use even a fraction of this capacity. Mind Power is a blueprint to explore the immense potential of your mind. It also focuses on the possibility of accessing the minds of others, by creating a ‘field’ of co-operation and synergy.

“No man is an island, but a part of the Main”. ”Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee”, said the tragic poet, John Donne.

All of us need others. Thoreau after his famous retreat into the woods went back to society, family, friends, acquaintances and all the joys of interaction.

It was Jean Baker Miller who said, “In modern living, the major threat come not from the physical world but from other people. It is people who make us feel unacceptable from early childhood and on, throughout life. If one could turn confidently to other people in seeking to deal with these feelings, if one could do this repeatedly with faith and ease, there would be many more chances of productively dealing with life”.

A child blowing a bubble into the wind, a boy with his puppy, is a perfect example of joyful unrehearsed self expression. This capacity is corrupted by our everyday need to impress others. We seem to need a false face to present to the world. A mask becomes a necessity because our real self may not be lovable enough, interesting enough for others.

We forget that what is truly lovable is the soft vulnerable core which we expose only to those we love or trust totally. If we could bring this trust to all our interactions, creativity would become as easy as breathing.

Most of the time says George Prince “our creativity is overwhelmed by the need to present ourselves as competent, effective and powerful”. The attitude for creativity involves curiosity. An open mind, friendly to fresh ideas, an urge to experiment and a delight in learning. This attitude does not seek to please or impress others, but to express ourselves.

To be involved in making a good impression, is to be always anxious to appear smarter, and brighter, than others. To put down others with sarcasm is behavior that prevents the mind from operating at its optimum best.

This behaviour makes us anxious, and on guard. Like Gulliver among the Lilliputs bound helpless to the ground by a thousand piffling worries. It is like a water pipe, with a thousand-little pin holes, unable to function.

Let us discover our Mindspower.