Dr. Rekha Shetty is the Managing Director of Farstar Distribution Network, a unique consultancy company devoted exclusively to innovation and creativity under the brand name Mindspower. She consults with some of the Region’s major corporates on long term Innovation Initiatives that involve everyone from doorman to Chairman.

She is an author, an entrepreneur and an original thinker. A Ph.D from Madras University, on the subject of innovation, Dr. Rekha Shetty began her career with a brilliant academic record with two university ranks. Her thoughts come from a deep study of many disciplines: Management, Sociology, Psychology, Economics, History and Spirituality.

Popularly known as the ‘Corporate Doctor’, Rekha Shetty has created a new tool for Indian Managers to develop the competitive edge: Innovation and Creativity through Mindspower. As a member of the Syndicate of the 200 years old, Anna University, she helped introduce a 40-week programme on innovation for budding engineers. She is also on the board of studies of the Psychology Department at the Madras University. She is a faculty of leading business schools for the MBA course like Madras University and Great Lakes Institute of Management and speaks at global seminars on innovation. She has conducted Mindspower programmes worldwide in places as far flung as Siberia, Sri Lanka, Singapore and USA. She was also awarded the Outstanding Young Person Award by Jaycees. She was invited by the U.S. State Department to be part of an expert team from 10 countries to study the problems and solutions to drug addiction.

She has had a life long commitment to innovation and creativity in management. She is consulted in successful turnarounds, new product development and increasing profitability. Her long term Innovation Initiative, using 47 thinking tools helps in a steep increase in profits, reduction in costs, while improving customer satisfaction levels and employee participation levels. She is a consultant to ICICI Bank, Ashok Leyland Ltd., Hyundai Motors Ltd., TVS Group, TI Group, Durgapur Steel Plant, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. and other blue chip companies.

In her very first assignment in United India Insurance, she developed a nationally acclaimed advertising campaign. As group Vice President of the Apollo Hospitals, she pioneered the concept of hospital marketing and health insurance. During the last seventeen years, she has specialized in the field of Creativity in Management and developed her own management brand, Mindspower. A theatre buff, she has also written and directed musicals. She was one of Asia’s first women District Governors for Rotary International and was awarded Rotary’s highest Award – Service above Self.

Her book published by Penguin, “The Zero Heart Attack Path” attracted worldwide attention. Her second book “Portable Roots“, the transcreation of a Tamil book, was released at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Her third book “Corporate Strategy, Mindspower Innovation” addresses a subject on which she is considered a management guru. Her fourth book “Innovate! 90 Days To Transform Your Business” released by Penguin is a bestseller. Her fifth book was “The Happiness Quotient” released by Westland Ltd has been listed the number one All India best seller list of Economic Times for several weeks. It is rated under the non-fiction category. Her sixth book “Innovate Happily” published by Penguin has been released in May 2012. It has been list No.4 in the bestseller of W.H.Smith. Her Seventh book, “ Innovation Secrets of Indian CEO’s ” released in March 2013.  Her eighth book, “Innovation Sutra” was published in May 2014 by Penguin Books.  Her nineth book “Everyday Happiness Mantras” published by Rupa Publishers in December 2014. Her first book of poems, “Seasons of the Heart’ has been published by Mindspower Publications in March 2015. Her eleventh book, ‘Happy Street’ has been published in June 2016.

Dr. Rekha Shetty has successfully integrated western thought with the Eastern ethos of creativity and left a footprint on life, as all of us can.

Her fourth book “Innovate! 90 Days to Transform your Business” continues to create ripples in India and abroad.

There are dreams that do not let you sleep. Mine, is of seeing India as the innovation capital of the world. For the last twenty years, creativity and innovation have filled my life with a sense of mission. This journey has taken me into noisy workshops and hushed corporate boardrooms. It has led me into debates with captains of industry and economists. It has opened my eyes to the potential of grassroots workers.