Mindspower Teens


Every mind has the capacity to store 7,550 volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica. – Carl Sagan

MINDS POWER TEENS , a pioneer in nurturing creativity and human intelligence, will help teenagers achieve this through their programs.

Dr. Rekha Shetty, Managing Director, Farstar Distribution Network Ltd. presents ‘MINDS POWER TEENS’

This program designed specially for teenagers, helps them to use the power of their Mind, to switch on the powerful engines of success.
Help yourself in developing the blueprint of your unique destiny.

Join us and see the difference for yourself!

For further details, please contact us on:

Farstar Distribution Network Ltd.
359, North Main Road,
Anna Nagar (West),
Chennai – 600 101
Tel: 26150313
E-mail: rekhasmindspower@airtelmail.in