Woman of Zodiac

Women of the Zodiac – Virgo

Virgo – The Perfect ArtA miniature painted with loving careShe’s a tender virgin, flawlessly fair,Painted by the gnarled hands of an ancient dreamerOf perfect dreams.The trees are always a jewelled greenHer face and raiments eternally sereneShe’s perfection in an imperfect world.

Women of the Zodiac – Pisces

Pisces – Laughing WaterShe stands beneath the endless sky,By the lapping water’s restless sighAnd thinks of flaming sunsets,And dew-dipped dawn.Of things wild and freeOf soaring windsAnd birds that sing,Captive rainbows on a dragon-fly’s wing.Now’s the time to hold her handTo write love letters on the sand.

Women of the Zodiac – Leo

Leo – The Queen If you want her to heed your every wordYou should have got yourself a sparrow birdShe’s a gorgeous, jeweled, peacock,See how regal is her walk.She’s stately snow-white swan,With princely charm she’ll have to be won.

Women of the Zodiac – Gemini

Gemini – The Butterfly She sat upon a lovely flower,In a shady, watered, red rose bower,Reflected in its dew-drop heartShe said to it, “we’ll never part.”Then she sucked its sweetness, all away,And left, never again to fly that way.

Women of the Zodiac – Cancer

Cancer – The Lunar Woman The moonstone sails on silvery light,Like a jeweled cobweb in the night,The stars like the diamonds gently sink,Into a velvet sky, black as ink.Among waterfalls of emerald green,She’s the loveliest water nymph I’ve seen,Who plays amidst the torrentOf diamonds which spray,As the brooding night, gleams into day.

Women of the Zodiac – Aries

Aries – Woman of Fire and IceDon’t try to trap, to have your say,With this rebellious, untamed ray,That escaped from distant, exploding stars.Don’t try to grasp,She’ll sting like a wasp…..Don’t try to hold,She’ll never fit into a mould.If you play your cards right,She’ll give up the fightAnd paint your life with the goldOf unforgettable momentsThat’ll …

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