There is a place in the distant mountains which is always calm and peaceful, where the earth is laden with luscious fruit and wholesome grain, where people are vital, healthy and happy. Where every edifice is artistic and beauty clothes every home in the loveliness hand made artifacts and the community is one happy family. Lush forests, dazzling with their painted butterflies, exotic animals and birds from distant lands. The air is fresh and the water is pure and the sound of holy mantras is carried on every gentle breeze. This is the mythical Shangri-La…..

Mankind has always dreamed about looking for this fabled land where you can always be happy and young forever. In every case this land was cut off from the real world, protected from outside influences and the people led simple, natural, pastoral lives. The lost Garden of Eden. Atlantis, the paradise Plato describes, ‘Which sank into the ocean in single day and night of misfortune.’Avalon, a Welsh island, where Excalibur the mythical sword of King Arthur was forged and where fatal wounds could be healed. Xanadu a dream garden, Eldorado a mythical city paved with gold, Tocharian Tushara, a mythical kingdom in the Mahabharata. Agharta, Atlantis, Avalon, Hyberborea, Iram of the pillars, Thule, Utopia, Xanadu and the Fountain of Youth. The list is endless. But the truth is, that the real Shangri-La lies within ourselves.

Shangri-La is the result of Mankind’s to create this happy town, city and finally nation. Shangri-La is not really a place. It is inside everyone’s own heart. The dream city is only a reflection of our own peaceful, happy heart.
Action plans to make happiness ‘infectious’ in your Shangri-La

1. Make many friends, who get together to laugh, work, read and share.
2. Plant more trees.
3. Clean up the roads.
4. Start walking and playing together with the kids on the street.
5. Share the knowledge, play, beauty and wisdom. Create the ‘village’ which is needed to raise a child in your community.
6. Use garbage to create gardens and get everything bright and blooming.

Today, start making your own street or building a Shangri-La…