Set and Share Your Goals

Work-life is so pervasive that often all other aspects of the individual wither away. A key challenge, when companies are tracking stretch goals, is maintaining work-life balance. Top management would also benefit from attending this presentation. Let each person set their personal goals for the year and share it with a friend, who will work with them for the next 90 days. Let them become familiar wi@ 8@\prants of their lives.

Family, Worklife, Personal & Social

Divide the group into four teams and ask them to make a presentation on each of the four areas. The suggestions can be circulated to everyone.

Here are some key suggestions:

· Can Saturday be a day when child-friendly facilities are provided? A facilitator creates a Kid Power day at ICICI.

· How can families be involved to support organizational goals?

· Can social life be improved by activities related to corporate social responsibility? Try getting everyone to participate in a tree planting day.

· Can the team be taught yoga and meditation?

· Is a corporate gymnasium or membership for one feasible? Are year-long matches (cricket or kho kho) a possibility?

· Can a counselor be on call or can volunteer staff members be trained as counselors?

· How can the company enable individual talents to flower? Will a monthly ‘Talent Evening’ work?