Celebrate Work!

People can be very happy if they love their work. Inspire people to work to build a great nation. Words absorb and radiate power. When you infuse a sense of pride and joy in what you do, it becomes a joyful experience, instead of a chore. To work at something you love, is to be “self-actualised”, in Maslow’s terms. This will ensure you die young when you are a100 years old.
A recent Qualifications Authority of City and Guilds, London survey shows that hairdressers have the highest levels of happiness at work! The reason? They are in direct touch with their customers and can be creative.

Happy Professions
1. Serve others. Look at your profession as a means to serve and make others happy.
2. Make a living causing the least amount of pain to living creatures.
3. Eliminate mad deadlines
4. Ensure freedom to be self-dependent, take own decisions, be innovative.
5. Believe in hi-touch along with hi-tech.

Because of late office hours, the corporate jungle takes an unimaginable toll on health and happiness. The endless deadlines, the deadly competitiveness, negatively impact the body. Nature’s ultimate survival mechanism of fight or flight becomes a chronic, totally inappropriate response. Due to constant job hopping, many executives find themselves in threatening environments surrounded by potential enemies. They have had no time to develop friends. Nuclear families build up explosive pressure due to the revolution of rising expectations, fuelled by the media. If we do not enjoy our work and feel overwhelmed by it, it will surely damage us. ‘Fast tracking,’ being a corporate star, will extract the inevitable price of lost happiness, if you are not aware of the impact of everything you do, on your system. You can start by consciously breathing slowly and calmly.
• Plan to cut off from work on weekends.
• Meditate. Take care of yourself.
• Look at your life-goals and evaluate your job to achieve them.
• Learn to say ‘No’.
• Remember people are more important than getting promotions.
• If you have a toxic workplace change jobs.
• Know that you are more important than all material things.