Bring Courage and Veera Rasa into the Organization

Turning ordinary men into matchless warriors full of the enthusiasm to win can definitely improve performance. Gandhiji did just that, using his magic mantras to infuse courage into the freedom struggle: Do or die, Quit India, Vande Mataram.

Among the nava rasas, chivalry is key to the life of a warrior: a corporate warrior is no different and needs real courage. Wonder is developed from courage. The rapture of courage is produced by means of energy, perseverance, optimism, presence of mind and kindness. Courage and bravery are definitely feel-good emotions. Courage is represented on the stage by firmness, patience, heroism, pride, zeal, valor and wit. Bravery fills you with enthusiasm, energy and spontaneity. Bravery is not just bravery in war. It is the small, everyday acts of courage that each of us is called upon to manifest in the face of obstacles. The ability to sacrifice, which is the core of emotional intelligence, is a part of the Veera Rasa. The ability to persist in the face of difficulties is a part of this. To meet the jealousy and pettiness of the world with gentleness, humor and fearlessness, is part of it. Brilliance and elegance belong to the true warrior who aligns himself with the powerful forces of goodness. ‘Josh,’ wakefulness, energy and boundless enthusiasm are an expression of this energy.

Action plan to bring courage and Veera Rasa into your life:

* Enjoy the thrill of overcoming obstacles.

* Do not be cast down by failure; instead enjoy the excitement of solving the problem.

* Be involved in finding solutions to community problems.

* Get involved in speaking up against injustice and resisting evil.