Analysis – the Gateway to Solutions

In the creative thinking process, incubation is followed by ‘Analysis.’ During the process of analysis, apply left-brain thinking – logical, statistical and mathematical. Solutions have to be carefully discussed and the optimum one chosen. The solutions are analyzed against the parameters chosen by the problem owner.

Some prevalent parameters are:

a) Time

b) Budget

c) Convenience

d) Human resources

e) Goodwill and impact on staff motivation levels

f) Aesthetics

g) Saving lives

h) Political capital

Different parameters find different levels of priority depending on the situation at hand. Let us consider the example of the budget as a parameter and its priority level in different cases. For a company where liquidity is low, cash flow would be the most important concern. For a company facing a crisis, time may be of the essence and big budgets would be tolerated in view of the emergency situation.

While identifying solutions, ensure that there are a wide variety of options to choose from. There is then a greater possibility that the final option chosen ensures optimal results. This systematic process ensures that the option chosen produces the best results.

Analysis is the stage just prior to implementation. Therefore, detailed analysis forms the root to strong implementation.

Action: Let all groups meet for a couple of hours to study all generated ideas observe them and discus them.

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