Suggestions on Swachha Bharat Mission

1. Garbage must be segregated at the source i.e.
Domestic/Commercial/Industrial level.
2. Steep fine should be imposed on throwing garbage in
undesignated areas.
3. More dustbins should be installed in public areas.
4. Garbage should be picked up from the bins by the corporation at
fixed time everyday including holidays.
5. Separate bins should be installed for wet and dry waste.
6. Plastic bags should be completely banned.
7. People should be educated on segregating wet and dry waste.
8. Various campaigns should be organised in rural India to educate
people on garbage management.
9. Wet Garbage can either be used to make manure or compost gas
or any other useful method to reuse.
10. RWAs (Resident Welfare Associations) should be actively
involved in managing waste in the societies/colonies.
11. It should be made mandatory for big housing societies to have a
garbage treatment plants.
12. Public awareness campaigns about garbage management/ not
littering the streets should be conducted.
13. People should be educated about the hazard of garbage and
spread of diseases.Suggestions on Swachha Bharat Mission up to 23rd November 2014
Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India
14. Municipal worker in town as well as rural areas should be
providing modern equipment to collect garbage.
15. Large furnaces should be built to dispose the dry garbage.
16. The truck which comes to collect garbage can be installed with a
high temperature furnace itself.
17. The municipal workers should be made answerable to the
garbage management.
18. Job of garbage collection should be outsourced and the private
contractor should charge a nominal fee to the residents/RWAs .
19. Households should be educated on how to make manure with
the kitchen waste.
20. Biometric attendance system should be installed in Municipal
offices so that all the employees show up for work.
21. Hawkers should be fined for littering.
22. Government should develop better R&D centres for garbage
23. Waste management should be taught in middle school.
24. Stop illegal import of garbage (medical waste, hazardous
chemicals, used electronic equipment etc.)
25. All garbage vehicles (Trucks, Tempo, Lorries) should be
properly closed while running with Garbage on Roads.
26. Cleaning services should be outsourced to private agencies
rather than government officials. There should be heavy fine in
case of failure in their job and suspension from any further
contracts.Suggestions on Swachha Bharat Mission up to 23rd November 2014
Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India
27. High school students and undergraduate students should learn
multitasking while studying. Working outside the regular
environment will give them opportunity to see the real working
condition, co-ordination, team work and sense of
28. For under graduate admission one of the criterions should be
their volunteering experience in high school and in undergrad
studies there should be provision of college credits through
community volunteer work. Our kid’s potentials can be utilized
for various community works including clean India campaign.
29. We need to introduce reward system whereby good work gets
recognised. For this introduction of cash rewards for the best
maintained street, area, locality etc. It can range from daily,
weekly, fortnightly, monthly & annually.