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  1. Puzhal
  2. Retteri
  3. Korattur
  4. Villivakkam
  5. Ambattur

Each lake has Rotaractors and a Rotary club adopting it. An RCC is being planned for local action of the lake. Every lake has to be protected effectively only by the people living on the lakeside. So our campaign is to be catalysts in this process.

Rotary plans a health camp in each location. Invitation enclosed, along with a brochure. Choose suitable pictures and prepare a soft or hard copy of the brochure given below is a survey sheet which will help you collect information which will help.


RC _____       Rotaractor/Volunteer Name                                                DATE:

Name of the Site:Name of the Lake/Channel :

Participant Name                       Age: Profession:

Participant Address:

No of family members                    Family Composition

How long you have been residing over here?

How do you gauge the quality of the water body in

1980-1990     : High     Medium    Low    Worst

1990-2000     : High     Medium    Low    Worst

2000-2010     : High     Medium    Low    Worst

2010-present : High     Medium    Low    Worst

What kind of benefits you get from this lake?

What kind of impacts (negative) do you face due to this lake?

What are the reasons for the current status of the lake?

Are you involved in any activity towards lake reclamation?

If Yes, What kind of activities are you involved in ?

If No, would you be willing to participate in this reclamation?

If so, How best do you think you could help?

PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation

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20170527_110515 20170527_110806 20170527_112852 20170527_112855 Ambattur Lake

IMG_20170526_110413IMG_20170526_110416 IMG_20170526_110421 IMG_20170526_110436 IMG_20170526_110439 IMG_20170526_111256 IMG_20170526_111404 IMG_20170526_111409 IMG_20170526_111510 IMG_20170526_111515 IMG_20170526_111519 IMG_20170526_111557 IMG_20170526_111701 IMG_20170526_111703 IMG_20170526_112129 IMG_20170526_112441


IMG_20170526_112506 IMG_20170526_112509 IMG_20170526_112514 IMG_20170526_112525 IMG_20170526_113001 IMG_20170526_114952 IMG_20170526_115048 IMG_20170526_115051

retteri lake ppt