New Year Resolutions

The time has come to make New Year Resolutions. Don’t make resolutions like the mom who resolved to give up all her son’s hair at Tirupathi. Make ones you can keep. There are four areas of your life where resolutions could transform your year.

Personal Family

Work Social

The space where you have the most control is the most important personal quadrant. I know guys who have given up smoking, because it can add atleast 7 years to their life. But then they give it up atleast once a month. Which really is the problem with resolutions. They are so difficult to keep for a whole year. Here are some simple resolutions. I picked up from friends.


• I will start walking for 20 minutes every day and take some form of regular exercise.
• Every day is a celebration. I will do something every day that I have never done before.
• I will watch what goes into my mouth. Keepings words soft and sweet will ensure that I don’t mind eating them occasionally.


• I will enjoy one week day evening and weekends with my family with cell phones and laptop switched off.
• We will have a family holiday atleast once a year.
• I will use the internet to keep in regular touch with my extended family.


• I will learn something totally new, professionally
• I will share what I know with young people coach them, encourage them and learn from them.
• I will make sure my work is enjoyable.


• I will keep in touch with old friends and meet them at least once a month.
• Every month I will do something helpful to someone who can do nothing back in return.
• I will take 5 happiness breaks a day.

Your life requires you to be juggle multi coloured balls: personal, family, work and social life. Make sure you don’t drop the critical glass ones, while bouncing the rubber balls for fun!