The Happiness Quotient

About the book

Is it possible to achieve excellence in the corporate world and still be happy?

The Happiness Quotient tells you how. Dr. Rekha Shetty, Ph.D, is the founder of the Mindspower brand and managing director of Farstar Distribution Network Ltd, a twenty-year old consulting company working exclusively on innovation initiatives and work-life balance. Her thoughts come from a deep study of many disciplines: Management, Sociology, Psychology, Economics, History and Spirituality. Her ideas are practiced in over 30 countries.


The Indian tradition shows us that positive, radiant happiness is our birthright, and the programme outlined in this book illustrates how to achieve it for ourselves. The Happiness quotient (HQ) is a concept that measures approximately, the measure of happiness each person has achieved in his life. This book provides a blueprint to increase one’s HQ. It starts by describing the creation of a positive mindspace, one that nurtures the positive emotions that increase happiness. It also discusses the impact of negative fields and how to avoid them.


Anti-happiness traps, too, find a special place in this book. They require special identification as they can be very misleading, like a comfortable golden cage full of fruit, must seem to a free-flying parrot. Whatever the external circumstances may be, the individual is responsible for his inner state. Events are not under our control, but our perceptions and reactions to them are. This book is an investment in Life’s greatest prize – Happiness.


Quotes on The Happiness Quotient



In her book, The Happiness Quotient, Dr. Rekha Shetty says emotional well-being is an inside job – Mumbai Mirror


“The Fifth Radiant Action for Nurturing the Workplace” throws light on how innovation in the physical design of a workplace can lift the mood of people who work there. – The Mint


Sadhu Mama (a fun guru) who shares with him the ‘Radiant Action’ principles for reaching out to joy in every sense. Dr. Rekha, already the author of three titles, holds a PhD on the subject of innovation and has 20 years of field experience, working with a wide range of corporates.  – New Indian Express


Is it possible to achieve excellence in the corporate world and still be happy? The Happiness Quotient written by Dr Rekha Shetty tells you how – News Today


“Reading the book made me really happy and that was a pleasant surprise I did not expect “. “Being happy needs awareness [that you need to be happy ] ;and conscious
training of oneself. The key thing on the back cover of the book is that -while you cannot determine the events that happen around you – you certainly can decide your reaction /response to them”. – V. Balaram – Director of Mahindra World City Developers and India Nippon Electricals,



‘This book took me back to my roots and reminded me of all the wonderful things which I had forgotten’ – Mr. V Narasimhan – Executive Director of Brakes India Foundry Division



‘The Happiness Quotient’ will help bring fun into the work place. Very often, long faced seriousness has been considered a sign of commitment in the traditional setting. This need to be changed’. – Mr. Shekar Arora – Executive Director, HR Ashok Leyland



‘The Happiness Quotient reminded me about the great unrealized potential for happiness hidden within me and my team’ – Mr. Suresh Badami – Senior General Manager, Retail Business Head – South  ICICI Bank Ltd,


‘Happiness is everyone’s responsibility. The book reminds us to take proactive steps to restore happiness’ – Mr. Bidhan Kankate REGIONAL DIRECTOR – Andhra Pradesh NASSCOM