Innovation Secrets of Indian CEOs

About the book

Indian CEOs have their own brand of innovation. A people oriented, low cost innovation on the run. This kind of innovation is born out of thrift and a desire to squeeze the last ounce of value from limited resources. It is Jugaad in spirit and respectful of all forms of potential wealth.

This book gives you a glimpse into this unique form of Innovation. Not patented yet. But it should be.

Dr. Rekha Shetty’s 7th book brings 50 CEOs and their methods into the limelight. A life time in the field of innovation has given her a ringside view of Indian Innovation and the principles that govern it.

Dr. Rekha Shetty’s bestselling books have always been read and use books. Books that change lives. This book too is waiting to enter your daily action agenda, to change your world.

Read it! You too can be innovative…………

Innovation Secrets

Innovation Secret 1: Never ever give up keep trying different things. Keep mind, body and soul fit. Be Honest and Trust God.


Innovation Secret 2:

Money is available for good projects. Good projects aren’t that readily available.

People want instant money and instant fame. They love money like drug addicts. But nothing valuable is instant.

Our problem is not money. It is a scarcity of trained human resources. Develop and promote human capital.

A Zen takes you places as well as a Mercedes Benz. If you want something badly enough, you can do it.


Innovation Secret 3: Keep in touch with the changing needs of a green world. Go where no one has gone before! Sail into uncharted seas – fearlessly.


Innovation Secret 4: Dream Big! Work Hard. Network, find great partners. Recognize the entrepreneurial DNA in yourself and others.


Innovation Secret 5: Adopt the Panchasheel for India. This is the century of the mind.

Child centred education;

Woman centred family;

Human centred development;

Knowledge centred society;

Innovation centred India.


Innovation Secret 6: Go where no one has gone before. Skill the unskilled.


Innovation Secret 7: Be willing to wait patiently through the dark night of the innovator. After the darkest hour of night, comes the dawn!



Innovation Secret 8: Venture Capitalists should be builders, not raiders. Be Akbar not ‘Atilla the Hun’. Grow human capital and you will succeed.


Innovation Secret 9: Think global, act local. Success lies in getting the details right.


Innovation Secret 10: Have a vision that embraces humanity. Management with a heart is key.


Innovation Secret 11: In a public cause, involve the community. Allow no spectators. Let their finger prints be all over the project, ensuring sustained commitment and participation.


Innovation Secret 12: Make the world respect the ‘Made in India’ brand.


Innovation Secret 13: Take India to the world.


Innovation Secret 14: Embrace and enjoy being a woman manager. Bring caring into the work place.


Innovation Secret 15: Hire the brightest people. Trust them and leave them alone to do their work.


Innovation Secret 16: Try new things. Throw the stone, whether the fruit falls or not, is not your look out.

Innovation Secret 17: Start small, with something you are passionate about and have taken time to learn, research and reinvent. Then grow fast through networking and franchising.


Innovation Secret 18: Understand the changing aspirations of people and cash in on the demographic dividend. Target more young people with money, elders living alone, single people with varying needs.


Innovation Secret 19: Make your family proud and make your country proud.


Innovation Secret 20: Fruits and vegetables are perishable. Sustained high quality creates imperishable reputations.

Innovation Secret 21: Be at the cutting edge of scientific discovery. Work hard and keep the faith, when no one else believes in your idea.

Innovation Secret 22: Innovate by investing in cutting edge technology.

Innovation Secret 23: Prevention is less impulsive then cure. Care for yourself and others.

Innovation Secret 24: Innovate on the lines the global leaders.

Innovation Secret 25: Build bridges to the world through excellence.

Innovation Secret 26: Take care of the seeds : plant them, nurture them, grow them.


Innovation Secret 27: Break family traditions


Innovation Secret 28: Make payment easy for customers.


Innovation Secret 29: Look within, with confidence.


Innovation Secret 30: Respect tradition, but devote yourself to excellence. Stay young by re-inventing yourself for every new generations.


Innovation Secret 31: Network with the global toppers.


Innovation Secret 32: Saraswathi Precedes Lakshmi in the age of Information. Start with Knowledge. Wealth will follow.


Innovation Secret 33: Say no to the generation gap. Listen to the young, nurture them and provide a platform for them to work their magic.


Innovation Secret 34: Practise MBWA – Management by Walking Around.


Innovation Secret 35: Anyone can help. Remember Lord Rama and the squirrel!


Innovation Secret 36: If you can, be first. If you cannot, be the best.


Innovation Secret 37: Courtesy costs you nothing. But it creates the goodwill needed for profits.


Innovation Secret 38: Be honest! It is the only path to sustained, secure growth and profits.


Innovation Secret 39: Think about how you can build five star facilities with three star investment.


Innovation Secret 40: Create an exclusive innovation incubator and remove the escape button.


Innovation Secret 41: Create innovators and idea generators at the grass roots of your organization. Communicate with them, reward them. ‘Manthan  ab shop floor se!’


Innovation Secret 42: Be radical, go for quantum shifts.


Innovation Secret 43: Go for the talent at the bottom of the pyramid. Target the unreached.


Innovation secret 44: Make the customer a partner in innovation.


Innovation Secret 45: Take the battle to the competitor’s backyard.


Innovation Secret 46: Don’t try to benchmark with others. Be the benchmark.


Innovation Secret 47: See it you can do it better by being cheaper.


Innovation Secret 48: Spot the gold nugget in the coal field.


Innovation Secret 49: Be Planet sensitive. Green is profitable.


Innovation Secret 50: Challenge world leaders and do what they cannot or will not.