Corporate Strategy Mindspower Innovation

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Have you wondered how to increase revenues through innovative ideas……..Discover the best way, here……….Do you want to reduce costs? Learn the techniques of Mindspower.


Dr.Rekha Shetty, the corporate doctor, presents a scientific new book on Creativity and Innovation in India’s large companies. Based on meticulous research it arrives at principles that help you gain competitive advantage through innovation. Her company Farstar Distribution Network has consulted for blue chip companies in South Asia and facilitated successful Innovation Initiatives.


Written in a lively style with discriminating scholarship, it provides you with a unique journey into the Empire of the Mind.


Study how you can stimulate fresh strategic thinking in your managers and leaders, because the strategic plan is not about the paper it is printed on, but the process it creates within the organization. Create profitable new products and processes, tapping the creativity of customers (TCC).


Dr.Rekha Shetty is an entrepreneur, with over 32 years of experience on the front lines, in the corporate world. She is also an author and original thinker in Management Science and provides practical ideas invaluable to a corporate warrior.


This book is about corporate transformation, through shifting paradigms, using thinking tools.


Quotes on ‘Corporate Strategy Mindspower Innovation



On the whole, the book is a heady mix of interesting quotes, narratives, cases and personal experiences making it eminently readable.

  • S.S Varadan in his book review in The Hindu


Mr. M. Damodaran, former chairman of SEBI said “Corporate Strategy Mindspower Innovation’, is a unique work focusing on Indian Innovation in the corporate sector”. Quoting from book, he spoke about how the Nava Rasas (or nine emotions), are used to create the positive field, leading to the culture of innovation. “The author has based this work on extensive research and I am sure it will provide a blue-print for Indian companies to achieve competitive advantage through Mindspower Innovation”. He summed up his thought provoking presentation by saying that it is the best management book, he had read so far.

  • Quoted from his speech at the Habitat, New Delhi


Mr.K.V. Kamath, MD, ICICI and CII President: “Innovation needs the Tent pitcher’s attitude as opposed to the marble palace dweller’s code. I particularly enjoyed the new concept tool, Tent thinking Vs Marble Palace thinking.”


MBN Rao, Chairman and Managing Director, Canara Bank: “A very informative book”.


R.Seshasayee, MD, Ashok Leyland: “Industry is in need of a new trajectory that comes only from innovation. The timing of this book is apt”


Kalyan Mukherjee, Executive Director, Andhra Bank: “The book contains well researched tools for individuals and corporates to adopt creative methodologies for their success, besides gaining competitive advantage through innovation”.


Mr. S.M. Trehan, MD, Crompton Greaves: “I enjoyed the celebration of the Indian ethos in Innovation. The positive field created by the Nava Rasas was particularly interesting.”


Harshraj C.Mariwala: Chairman and MD, Marico : “More such books should be written on innovation…. Our company’s corporate social responsibility is developing innovation in Industry.”


Markrand Lele, CEO, Infomedia India: “The strategy workshop changed the attitude of the people. They are happier and more enthusiastic after the innovation initiative”


Mr.S.Gopal, President of Madras Management Association…………………”The book is the simply written and has no jargon. The author has captured international concepts and still maintained an Indian ethos”.


Mr.Shekhar Arora, special director, Ashok Leyland………………………..”The author deals with innovation not as a business but as a vision for life. It is a very honest and amazing attempt. The book encourages you to dream and develop processes to realize them. Ms.Shetty, who has over three decades experience in the corporate world: the book was an attempt to capsule the output of her thesis on innovation and what she has experienced in her career”.