Do Not Be A Spectator – Be A Participant

King Janaka tilled the soil with his own hands and he was also the greatest knowers of Truth of his time. Digging with his own hands he found the greatest gift of his life from the Earth Mother, his beautiful daughter – Sita. The CEO and his top team should be closely involved in the innovation initiative. There is no use asking the rank and file to use innovation thinking tools, when the CEO does not bother to learn them or recognize them when they are used. Thinking tools are effective only if they are regularly used and become a natural way of being. Participation by top management is critical in an innovation initiative. Swami Vivekananda said “It will not do to merely listen to great principles. You must apply them in the practical field and turn them in to constant practice”.

Finally lead from the front. People do not see what you say but what you do. “The wind of grace of the Lord is blowing on forever and ever, do you spread your sail” Swami Vivekananda. Get down, lead from the front and participate.