Wishful Thinking Technique

Generally, the steps to follow in applying the technique are as follows:

1 State the question, goal, situation, or problem.

2. Assume anything is possible.

3. Using fantasy, make statements such as: “What I really want to do is…” or “If I could choose any answer to this question, it would be …”

4. Examine each fantasy and transpose it into your reality by making statements such as: “Although I really cannot do that, I can do this by…” or “It seems impractical to do that, but I believe we can accomplish the same thing by …”

5. If necessary, repeat Steps 3 and 4.

Example for use:

1. How can I learn more about how customers use my product?

2. I can be any size or shape I want.

3. I will just step inside one of the products shipped today and peer out at my customer and observe how he or she uses the product.

4. Well, I don’t think I can change my size or shape, but I can get a customer’s agreement to let me observe my product under use at his or her facility and videotape employees at work using my product.