Understand the Environment of Creativity

The value system of a company can provide the environment for creativity. People can do their best if their work is: ‘Good for the country, employees and customers. ‘Or as the Honda mission statement puts is ‘Joy to the employee, joy to the customer and joy to the country’.

The typical corporate atmosphere is competitive and ruthless. People rush to satisfy their selfish desires for glory and the limelight. Anyone standing in the way is viewed with anger and hatred. In such an environment, the individual uses fifty per cent of energy protecting his ego and his turf. So much energy is wasted on one-upmanship and putting others down. The ability of the group to function is therefore severely compromised.

It is important to understand that we can have a win-win environment. In such an environment everyone will be willing to take risks and go through the process of failures. He knows that in an experiment, there are no failures – only feedback.

Actions that make you creative are:

Listen * Paraphrase * Stay loose until rigor counts * Protect vulnerable beginnings * Take on faith * Temporarily suspend disbelief * Assume it can be done * Share the burden of proof * Connect with accept * Be open to join * Build on * Speculate along with * Share the risk * Set up win /wins * Make it “no lose” * Support confusion/uncertainty * Acknowledge Credit * Value learning from mistakes * Be attentive * Be interested * Show approval * Give early support * Eliminate status/rank * Be optimistic * See the value in * Assume valuable implications * Take responsibility for understanding * waste no energy evaluating early.