Turn on the fountain of love to help find joy

The latest corporate buzz is to make people happy at workspace – to liberate the butterflies, turn on the fountain of love and to help find joy in the small things in life. “In workspace, people should have two real daily laughs – the first laugh and the last laugh’

“Companies were waking up to the need to make their workers happy. At ICICI Bank, in one of its Mumbai branches, allows its workers to bring their kids to the workplace on Saturdays. The children have fun for a couple of hours while their parents work. And then they take off directly from the office for the weekend,” people spend two-thirds of their working hours in office and happy employees can do double the work compared to their unhappy colleagues. Nowadays more and more women were working from home after they have babies.
Preventing stress is a negative way of looking at life; “instead, fill your mind with your garden of poetic emotions like laughter, wonder, love and compassion to counter lust, anger, obsession, greed, jealousy, fear and repulsion.”