The Concept of Drala

The Tibetians of the Shambala tradition believe in a concept called Drala by which any space can be made sacred. Drala is created by the reverence, purity and faith within a space. When a person treats his office space with reverence and keeps it clean and sparkling, he attracts Drala into that space. Drala makes that space powerful and attractive. When he dresses carefully, speaks and acts mindfully, he attracts personal Drala.

Many are able to do this in their homes. Indian homes have beautiful white flower patterns drawn at the entrance to attract Lakshmi, the Goddess of Good Fortune. The atmosphere is further enhanced by the fragrance of incense and joss sticks.

Certain sounds like that of mantras or the sound of bells, or wind chimes in a Chinese home, are said to purify the field.

Steps you can take to welcome Drala into your life

* Keep your surroundings and living spaces clean.

* Create beauty in your surroundings with flowers and crystals

* Let music fill the space.

* Be mindful of what passes your lips – food and words. Let both be fine and healthy.

* Wash away the dust and dirt, and wear fresh clothes.

* Enjoy the present moment