Summer Symphony

The holidays are here. Summer has placed it burning foot print on gardens. It’s hot and humid, but the flowers are blooming and the dust swirls round in riots of colour.
The British took their families to hill stations to enjoy cooler climes away from the hot and dusty plains. But with air- conditioning any place can be like a hill station. So start by summer proofing your life. Dress in cool cottons and be meticulous about personal grooming. However the British newspaper blog from a cosmetic major that warned, “How good you look depends on your under arms,” is probably taking it too far.
If you have an emotional meeting scheduled, plan it for an evening, preferably over a cool drink. Attitude is everything. Think cool. Your attitude decides your altitude. A hill station attitude is what you need to beat the heat. Here are a few tips to enjoy the summer:
1. Take a walk before 6.00am in a garden, park or tree lined avenue.
2. Stock up on fresh juices and lots of ice.
3. Invest in long luxurious cool water baths.
4. Invest in flowering seasonal plants that grow only in summer.
5. Water the plants and let the children play in the spray
Air-condition your attitude. Take on tasks that will not get you hot and bothered. Stay out of the burning noon time sun. As Kipling said, only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the afternoon sun. Schedule juice breaks or iced tea instead of having hot coffee. Cool off in the evening with friends on the beach. Complete outdoor chores in the early morning or late evening. Set out a tray of water for the birds and animals outside your house gate. Plan time on indoor games and enjoy holidays with the kids.
“How to survive the heat?” ask the fools
“How to fully enjoy summer?”, should be your wise question.