Spend More Time With the Family

Most working couples say `I wish I had more time at home’. If they cannot go home, can their homes come to them? A classic turn it upside down thinking tool. Can kids meet parents for a picnic or lunch at the office? Can couples plan business travel together? Can the office incorporate a Saturday kids’ day into its schedule to improve participation from the family. An open house for kids to see the world their parents inhabit.

In the family, creating a positive field, full of the positive emotion is critical.

The Five Senses and Happiness

1. The smell of incense and home-food cooking.

2. The taste of love and attention.

3. The look of a newly swept yard with a kolam (design on the ground done created with rice flour)

4. The touch of freshly washed and ironed bed sheets.

5. The sound of contentment after a good