Seek Top Management Support

It is critical that the innovation initiative is completely supported at the top step by step. One of the reasons why innovation initiatives fail is because of the start-stop effect when there is no long-term commitment from the top. Innovation initiatives often become the target of budget cuts at the first sign of trouble. Focus on making the process smooth, consistent and credible.

Scoreboards should measure progress and celebrate winners.
Involve top management through regular presentations.
They should be part of the steering committee and monthly reviews.
The innovation melas should showcase innovation and innovators.
The cost benefit resulting from innovations should be regularly highlighted.
Thinking tools should be used at the highest levels.

It is important to initially choose actions that lead to fast, obvious results. Keep the investments low, use existing resources. Highlight and celebrate small successes. This creates excitement around the initiative. Encourage the workforce through motivating posters. Post results on the score boards so that the whole organization can track progress.