Principles of Everyday Innovation

On the whole, the book is a heady mix of interesting quotes, narratives, cases and personal experiences making it eminently readable.” – M.S.S. Varadan in his book review in The Hindu on Corporate Strategy: Mindspower Innovation.

If you want to be more creative and innovative:

* Constantly Focus on MTB
That’s Making things Better in every quadrant of your life – family, work, social and personal.

* Develop A New Skill
People who solve crossword puzzles every day have greater ability to think on their feet.

* Debug Problem Areas
Stuck with a problem? Take stock of the six ‘M’s – Men, Materials, Methods, Markets and Money and identify the bug. Then work towards removing it, negotiating it or dealing with it.

* Start Using Thinking Tools
It’s tent thinking versus marble palace thinking. Take everything that is permanent and try making it temporary.

* Develop Networks
Have a list of people who will help you when you need it. In their hurry to prove themselves, professionsals, often try to take on things that are beyond their capacity.

* Make Personal Time
You might be the last word in professionalism, but you won’t be able to be very creative and innovative unless you have a life.

* Turn Problems upside Down
Separate thinking from the action. Don’t limit your thinking while conceiving an idea or bringing out a solution.

* Focus on Implementation
Innovation is about turning wild ideas into action. Sift through your ideas and decide on implementation.