Positive Energy

Energy causes all beings to act in this world. The higher is the level of energy, the greater the accomplishments. When we are tired, our energy level plummets and we do not feel like doing anything. When the field around us is negative with hurt, anger, possessiveness, greed, jealousy, fear and abhorrence, we are less able to act with speed and efficiency. These emotions suck the energy and life-force out of us. All beings have within them the all-pervading life-force, the same one that creates and sustains life in the universe.

• A mental process which draws a magic circle around all those who are participating.
• A prayer or mantra.
• A common exercise, a company song, common goals.
• A handshake, a friendly look, an encouraging word.
• Thinking, believing and acting in a positive manner.
• .Laughter and shared jokes.