Introduce Laughter Or Hasya Into The Workplace

The greatest of all miracles is health. Every day, our bodies are attacked by millions of microbes, viruses and bacteria. The body is able to repulse these invaders and protect itself through the immune response. The body’s immune response is enhanced by laughter.

Laughter is internal jogging. It fills your mind space with positive emotions. Emotionally, it is relaxing, reducing the harmful muscle tension. A good bout of laughter also reduces the levels of stress hormones, epinephrine and cortisol. Laughter strengthens the immune system keeping a way infections, allergies and diseases.

Action plan to Bring Hasya into your Company:

Organize screenings of comedy films and shows.
Encourage cheerful people to spread good cheer.
Create a humour committee.
Smile. Do not smother laughter.
Organize a family day.
Exhibit humorous posters and cartoons on a Humour Board in the work area
Have a smile of the week contest