Innovation Blow Back

I consider constraints a source of innovation. I believe in the fortune at the bottom of the pyramid“, says Ravi Venkatesan, CEO of Microsoft India. Innovation Blow Back is happening as innovation developed for the poor is now being bought by rich nations, like Tata’s Nano, which is also being introduced to European markets.

Tata's Nano

Our products at Microsoft never wear out. They never need replacement, so innovation is essential for our survival. Our biggest competitors are our own products. We look for people with high energy and passion, curiosity and persistence, who love taking on a challenge. We try to spot tenacity and capacity for experimentation. We choose the right 1000 seeds to harvest ten flowers. We give budgets and freedom, empowering employees to pursue their dreams. Let’s dream big dreams. Let’s go out and change the world. We have a high tolerance for failure. Fear of failure discourages people from trying.”