Health Guide for Happiness

The first exercise in the ancient pranayama tradition—the art of filling every part of your body with life-force or prana. According to the ancients, Brahma the Creator has put in a certain predetermined number of breaths into every creature. If a person gives in to intemperate passions, the first system to be affected is his breathing, followed by a chain reaction that causes the pulse and heart rate to escalate, digestion to stall,
muscles to stiffen, and the brain to stop thinking rationally. He who uses up his designated number of breaths faster succumbs to death earlier.

‘Adbuta,’ or wonder, is one of the positive navarasas— the nine emotions. It heals and energises. To stand in wonder before the splendour of God’s creation is to be rejuvenated. The body and bloodstream are bathed in endorphins and serotonins which are Nature’s tranquillisers.’ The body is the boat human beings are given to
sail across the sea of life. It is your duty to take care of it.’