Happiness is everyone’s responsibility.

Happiness is a gift, not a commodity. We all have a choice to make every moment, through our senses, our thoughts and our actions. We can choose what we want to see, hear, touch, taste and smell, think, feel and do. Most of the time, we are responsible for our decisions—for our happiness and unhappiness. We can decide how we want to feel even in the worst possible situations. To a jealous mind, an innocent smile is proof of adultery; a prisoner can choose to keep the flame of freedom alive and maintain a cheerful disposition. Events or people around us are not under our control. But our reactions, our responses to them are. Respond with love and peace. The ecology and geography of your inner mindspace is in your hands. Study how to deal with each of your five senses to be happy. Focus on happiness, not the lack of it. Focusing on our unhappiness only helps to provide more power and attention to the negative person, event or object that causes it. Focus on cultivating happy people and avoid toxic people. Build protective walls against toxic events that threaten your tranquillity. Happiness is everyone’s responsibility.