Happiness Creating Activities

It is up to each family to celebrate, to enjoy life on a regular basis. Maybe every day, with super celebrations on the weekend, like teenage kids do. A special movie on television can be celebrated with popcorn. One can dress up for dinner on Saturday night at home. We can make affirmations for the family, a way of life.

Singing together.

Thanking your gurus or teachers.

Being loving and giving affirmations to parents and elders.

Forgiving those who harm you. Image the best events and people.

Call forth the highest from others.

Think of God, the source of all abundance.

Celebrate Abundance. Praise God.

The ancients tell us that Brahma the Creator has put in a certain predetermined number of breaths into every creature. If a person gives in to intemperate passions, the first system to be affected is his breathing. He uses up his designated number of breaths faster and succumbs to death. The blue-print of all life is the same. The structure of every atom in our bodies is reflected in all living and non-living things. The joy and pain of life flows through all animals, birds, fish and plants. It is not difficult to believe that the divine spark is in all beings. Imaging creates reality. We are surrounded by the field of all possibilities. The thought seeds we plant in the form of intentions, thoughts, dreams, actions today, grow into tomorrow’s realities. ‘As you sow so do you reap’, says the Bible.