Turn it Upside Down (T.U.D.)

Steps followed within T.U.D.:

Common Belief: Hospital is a place for people who are sick.
T U D: Hospital is a place for people who are healthy.

When we looked at a hospital as a place for people, who are healthy,

Our base of customers increased to include a vast number of healthy people who were interested in preventive and positive health programmes. The “Well Woman” programme which involved a health and beauty focus was a positive health programme. Yoga experts, beauticians and women’s health practitioners brought excitement into this vastly successful programme. Preventive health care came into positive focus.

The relationship with customers which traditionally started on a note of pain, anxiety, illness and death, began on a happy note. The focus was how to remain healthy and how to prevent problems. The lifetime relationship, which is the bedrock of direct marketing today, started on a happy, positive note.