There is a brainstorming technique, which was developed by George Prince, one of the founders of the creative thinking movement. It is a technique called developmental thinking, which is used to explore ideas, which are attractive but not yet feasible.

In simple terms, if two people, A and B are discussing an idea given by A, B – as a discipline, should identify three elements which he likes about the idea. This encourages A. B then goes on to give an itemised response on any specific concerns about the idea. The concerns should be specific and identify problem areas for A to solve. Instead of being adversaries on opposite sides of a problem, A and B become partners in growing the idea in a peaceful, nurturing climate.

There is a great deal of work done by thinkers on how to make the group climate more creative and less hostile. In developmental thinking, as the teachers at Synectics say, ‘All potentially positive features of the ideas are identified and the deficiencies are used to give the direction for improvement, preserving the element of novelty while the idea is modified to make it feasible’. This process is a contrast to the conventional screening of ideas into ‘good’ and ‘bad’ after a typical brainstorming session, when novel ideas are likely to be screened out because they are not feasible.

* Yoga, meditation or any other form of stillness will ensure that you are in an ideal state for thinking fluently.

* Make an occasion – watch a movie, dress up, eat popcorn, etc.

* Take responsibility for change.
Balance your lifestyle. Devote equal time each week to work and fun.