Procedure for Use

Often one can force analogies, for example, ‘How is this problem like a time bomb?’ to examine and restructure a query. To use the technique of applying analogies:

1. Identify the essence of the query that you are facing for example, the query might be ‘How can we improve the way we work with other departments?’ Key to the statement is one of ‘improving.’

2. Create a list of devices and methods that are particularly relevant to the key concept – improving. For example, runners follow a training regimen to improve, which includes a combination of factors diet, exercise, psychological techniques.

3. Review your specific question in the context of each device or method on your list.

* All potentially positive features of the ideas are identified and the deficiencies are used to give the direction for improvement, preserving the element of novelty while the idea is modified to make it feasible.

* Never use other people’s possessions without asking them.

* Get rid of old prejudices and perceptions