Metaphors can also be applied to gain fresh perspectives on a situation under analysis. A metaphor is a term or phrase that is applied to another, unrelated term or phrase to create a nontraditional relationship. For example, ‘all the world’s a stage.’

Metaphors can be used to examine various situations. For example, an organizational environment might be the topic of analysis. One might ask, ‘How do people in my organization resemble animals in a jungle? How do different animals manage their interactions with each other and how do we translate them into the different leadership styles that are used?’ Answering these queries might allow new insight into the situation.

Procedure for Use

1. Identity the issue you would like to innovate on like ‘How to make customers your raving fans?’

2. Ask each member of the group to record their feelings about movies.

3. Experiential metaphor may include having the group to go for a movie.

4. Apply these ideas to the problem using force-fit and record all ideas.