52 Mantras To Innovation

1. Transformation is what happens to a drop of water when it is touched by the magic of sunlight. It becomes a rainbow. It is what happens to a seed when it starts the journey to become a mighty banyan tree. The banyan tree is not an improved seed, just as a butterfly is not an improved caterpillar, or a rainbow an improved drop of water. By definition, innovation is taking interesting ideas and transforming them into usable solutions to business problems.

2. The lack of resources forces us to innovate. Tough times help us adapt.

3. Tough times force you to think outside the box or even eliminate the box.

4. Everything changes – people, products, companies; men, materials, machines, methods, markets and money (6M).

5. Creativity is the spark and Innovation is the fire in the fireplace, which cooks and bakes.

6. Creativity involves four components – The Creative Person, The Creative Process, The Creative Product and the Creative Climate or Environment.

7. An environment replete with the positive emotions of love, peace, bravery and compassion provides a positive climate, which nurtures creativity.

8. Innovation should be part of everyone’s job description.

9. Vision and leadership are necessary to inspire a widespread commitment to innovation.

10. The lack of collaboration between departments stifles innovation.

11. Motivation of employees and innovation complement one another.

12. Team-work drives innovation.

13. The ability to thrive in an environment of rapid change is essential.

14. Money and resources are essential lubricants of the innovation process.

15. Conformity and stereotypes hinder creative problem solving.

16. Innovation should be focused on specific business goals.

17. An open atmosphere ensures greater productivity.

18. Efficient meetings are a trademark of innovative organizations.

19. Innovation centers drive innovation.

20. Facilitators and outside consultants can be leveraged to kick-start innovation.

21. When used properly, suggestion boxes are a valuable tool.

22. Individual creativity should be rewarded.

23. Rewarding team creativity enhances team-work.

24. Innovation can be driven by leveraging customer insights.

25. Systematic measurement of customer satisfaction is valuable.

26. A word is like a microchip. A harsh word is like a landmine that remains in the memory for a long time.

27. Idea generation programs are efficient tools for innovation.

28. Let us build a sanctuary for wild ideas and then tame them.

29. A participant, who dives deep into the subject and develops intimacy with his work, innovates to make things better.

30. Create problem banks around initial problem statements.

31. Stating and understanding the problem correctly is the key to Innovation Initiative.

32. Thinking tools are the mathematics of innovation.

33. Metaphors, i.e., ideas imported from other fields can totally transform your company.

34. Beware of obvious solutions!

35. All potentially positive features of the ideas are identified and the deficiencies are use to give the direction for improvement, preserving the element of novelty while the idea is modified to make it feasible.

36. A mindspower thinking tool enables you to disagree without being
disagreeable. It also helps you to work around a disagreement like water finding its way around a stone.

37. It is only through the systematic learning of tools, the generation and testing of new ideas that organizations can improve their Innovation Quotient(IQ).

38.Company wide innovation is not about nurturing solitary genius in sterile laboratories, but requires the bubbling enthusiasm of teams.

39. The rules for thinking are different from the rules for doing. Implementation
is possible only with a clear foundation of rational thought and practical application.

40. Adopt Tent Thinking vs. Marble Palace Thinking.

41. Play devil’s advocate — take the exact opposite view of the one you have been holding.

42. Look into the purple heart of an amethyst. Register the color in your heart and illumine every part of yourself with that color.

43. Free fall is like bungee jumping. You let go without knowing definitely what will happen. Creative ideas are a kind of free fall.

44. Life provides rich material to develop creative ideas.

45. Yoga, meditation or any other form of stillness will ensure that you are in an ideal state for thinking fluently.

46. The Mindspower Innovation Toolkit can travel with you everywhere and change the destiny of companies and countries.

47. You have spent time collecting the facts and generating ideas. Now, forget the problem. Hand it over to the subconscious to incubate.

48. During the process of analysis, apply left-brain thinking – logical, statistical and mathematical. Solutions have to be carefully discussed and the optimum one chosen.

49. Implementing creative ideas and turning them into innovations is a special challenge.

50. An ounce of action is worth tones of e-mail, paper and speeches. Implementation is the key to innovation.

51. Wherever innovation is required, the Mindspower process helps you develop a roadmap.

52. Star Culture: Stars actively fostered a culture of innovation. What is more, they fostered their long-term plans for innovation with adequate resource commitments.