Day -4 Problem Analysis

Dear Participants,



Innovation should be part of everyone’s job description, as you all get ready for the change.


Rule for Day -4  Problem Analysis


Next step towards innovation is to analyse your problem in depth and make sure that everyone understands all aspects of the problem. Answer these questions together. Record all points using a poster and post-it slips.



What is the present situation?


Why has the problem arisen?


Why should it be solved?


Why is it a problem for me personally?


What thoughts have I already had, or what efforts have I made to solve the problem?


Why are these thoughts or efforts insufficient or unavoidable?


What kind of action can I initiate towards solving this problem? What would the ‘ideal’ solution be?


If you can able to answer the above questions, it will guide you to not only to find out the right solution but helps you to find new resolutions.



Dr. Rekha Shetty