Day 3 – Creative Problem Solving

Dear Participants,


Be ready to change, if you continue in the old ways, you will continue to lose.



Creative Problem Solving


Identifying and formulating the problem is the most difficult part of creative problem solving. Very often we state symptoms of the problems and end up wasting scarce resources chasing the illusionary ‘golden deer’.


For our better understanding following illustration will help us out.


Problem as first stated: How can we improve the brakes supplied by the car maker?


Creative Analysis: Why do we want to improve the brakes?


Answer: To Stop cars at a shorter distance.


Creative Analysis: How else we stop a car at a shorter distance? Why do we want to stop the car at a shorter distance?


Answer: To increase the safety of the occupants of the car.


Restatement of problem: How might we improve safety in a car’s braking system?


Result: This is much broader than the original challenge and opens a wider door to novel ideas.



Dr. Rekha Shetty