Innovate Happily, the high happiness quotient city.

Since the beginning of time, Mankind has been looking for a fabled land where you can always be happy and remain young forever. They gave it many names.
In every case this dream land is cut off from the real world, protected from outside influences and the people lead simple, natural, pastoral lives. The garden of Eden, to which no one can return, because it is guarded by an angel with a flaming sword, is the earliest image. We lost our keys to Eden due to our loss of innocence, our knowledge of good and evil and the sin of disobedience.
Atlantis, the paradise which Plato describes, ‘Which sank into the ocean in single day and night of misfortune.’
Avalon, a Welsh island, where Excalibur the mythical sword of King Arthur was forged. King Arthur is taken there, so that his fatal wounds could be healed.
Xanadu, a dream garden
Eldorado, a mythical city paved with gold.
Tocharian Tushara, a mythical kingdom in the Mahabharata
Iram of the pillars
The Fountain of Youth
The list is endless. Innovate Happily will be the search for knowledge, on how to create this happy town, city and finally, this nation. It is a search carried out in Bhutan, the land that gave the world the term Gross National Happiness (GNH). Bhutan is being described as the world’s last Shangri-La.