The king of Bhutan coined the term: Gross National Happiness in 1972. He believed that the wellbeing of a country does not depend on the figures of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Thailand publishes monthly GNP figures. Australia, Canada and China are on the same path. France and most recently David Cameron of England has commissioned studies on national well being. Surprisingly more education, youth or income, does not translate into happiness.

Happiness is a gift, not a commodity. Even the poor have the ability to cultivate and share happiness. There is joy to be found in the small things we take for granted—a smile, a helping hand, a kiss, a wave, a pat on the back, a glass of cool water, a promise kept. Each new day holds out a chance to create a whole new beginning, a sparkling new field of possibilities. At dawn, sweep out the toxic waste of hatred, anger and petty disappointments from your life. Sprinkle the pure waters of prayer on your soul and prepare a fresh for a brand-new day. Go peacefully amidst the noise and the haste. Enjoy the sweetness of everyday things. Practice swayambhu―a word that describes happiness welling out of you, like an underground stream in the mountains.