The Feminine Principle

We generally fear our fathers and love our mothers. The concept of a mother – Goddess appeals more to our hearts than that of a father – God. Women are trained to be lovingly supportive. They show utmost patience when listening to a child struggling to say his first word. Patience is a culturally celebrated feminine virtue. “As patient as the earth” is the phrase used for a good mother. Empathy becomes easier in such a relationship, protected by the possibility of a lifetime bond.

Traditionally, women are comfortable with the care of the old and the infirm. They are patient with lack of incompetence. Today this is changing where women have to operate in the workplace where the rules are different. Many men question the need for empathy in a bottom – line oriented workplace. Toughness is respected and empathy is considered a sign of weakness.

I would like to propose the installation of the so – called feminine qualities in the workplace. This would probably make the workplace more creative and right – brained.