Tapping Stakeholder Creativity

Tapping Stakeholder Creativity (TSC) involves facilitating intense discussion and problem solving between stakeholders to reinvent future products and processes. It is a radical new approach which enables companies to include the customers’ or vendors’ voice in developing a product, activity or service and encourages the inventing or shaping the future together.

This is a unique innovation tool that helps synthesize the ideas of two or more groups with different view points. It enables different teams of the company to participate with internal or external customers in creatively developing the future. Training all participants in creative problem solving will help achieve continuous improvement as well as a quantum change on occasions.

Customers are often ignored as a source of innovative ideas. Small improvements happen faster when the customer is involved.

Apollo Hospital has an advisory committee of customers and opinion leaders. These committees have led to major improvements in processes and quality. Imagine a senior banker studying front office procedures in the hospital. Other examples include advisory committees in ICICI bank which provides valuable feedback on customer aspirations and Asea Brown Boveri who invite customers to interact with manufacturing and marketing officials to reinvent its products.

“The future will be different from what exists now and from what we expect. To make the future happen one has to be willing to do something now” – Peter Drucker