Reward for Creativity

The climate in many Indian companies is one of maintaining status quo. Even in fast track companies, Indian managements are more likely to opt for minor charges rather than dramatic breakthroughs. Respect for authority is a key factor in Indian companies. Tradition and precedent are the sacred cows. An individual rarely crosses the invisible borderline of what is widely accepted practice. To break this self imposed barrier, it is essential for companies to publicly reward individual creativity. Innovation Role models should be placed before the groups. They should see that innovation is a key characteristic of senior officials as well as fast track younger executives. Even when an innovation actually fails, the innovation should be rewarded for taking the risk. It is a common perception, that in India, individuals who are creative often do not enhance group creativity. Competitiveness, one-upmanship and turf protection are toxic to team creativity. Teaching tools to enhance team creativity through building on each other’s ideas are key. As the old saying goes, “None of us is as smart as all of us”