Protective Friendships

Friendship can immunize you against heart attacks confirms research by Dean Ornish, MD. Those with five or more close friends are more likely to avoid heart problems. The real epidemic is not heart attacks but attacks of loneliness and sadness. Those who feel their wives love them are more likely to recover from a heart attacks says the same research.

The Upanishads say that the divine spark or life-force exists in all. The blueprint of all life is the same. The structure of every atom in our bodies is reflected in all living and non-living things. The joy and pain of life flows through all—the leader, the leper,
the judge and the criminal, animals, birds, fish and plants. Those who are able to see the divine spark in another are able to link to it with their minds. Those who are tone-deaf to signals from others pay a heavy price. They may struggle to understand why their relationships do not last and why everyone seems to flee from them. A person without personal intelligence, trapped in care-giving professions like teaching, sales and management, is likely to be terribly stressed out, damaging himself by wandering through an emotional landscape littered with landmines.

The basis of social success lies in the ability to build successful, pleasantly harmonious, lifetime relationships with all. When you meet anyone, always look for what is good. Listen for value. Celebrate the positive in all interactions. Rest assured that God did not create you for the sole purpose of correcting others or making them unhappy. You are not the world’s policeman.

Phrases that Build Lifetime Relationships
There are simple words of reassurance that can miraculously improve the energy field and build bridges between people. They provide support and encouragement to those around. Use them often, but use them sincerely.

• I agree.
• I really enjoy talking to you.
• That’s good!
• Good job!
• I made a mistake, I’m sorry.
• I like the way you left your room clean today.
• I couldn’t do it as well as you even if I tried.
• That’s a great idea!
• You’re on the right track.
• That’s a winner!
• I believe you can do it!
• I know you can make it work!
• If anyone can do it, you can.
• Congratulations!
• Beautiful!
• Non-verbal arrows.
• What I really like about you is —.

Inclusion and Exclusion
Belonging to a supportive nurturing group is the best protection you can have against disease and unhappiness. Being loved can prevent you from the flood of negative emotions that have the capacity to destroy you. Today many people have no friends and are not in touch with their families either. They are more comfortable with an undemanding computer than with a person. Old people have to make do with dogs instead of cuddling grandchildren. Take steps today to make sure that you cannot be replaced by a blanket or a computer. Invest in your family. Keep in touch with your extended family. Join supportive groups.