If you have a stomach ache it may be gastritis. If you have a problem in your back end, it could be colitis. But if you have an acute medical dependence on the net, it is netitis. There are numerous illnesses caused by doctors and their treatment. They are called iathrogenic diseases. Netitis refers to diseases that may be caused by practices downloaded from the net.

One of my favorite doctors said “I have patients who come to me with symptoms and their treatment, detailed in a printout. They don’t show me the paper till they have cross examined me thoroughly enough to ensure that I know my subject. Anything I prescribe is then subjected to a Google search and checked with peers. They then add or eliminate parts of the treatment based on a democratic vote. I do not mind all this, but they also hold me responsible for the outcome. They are then trapped in a net of their own making taking me with them. I wish every baby came with user’s manual, which would help us with the rocky path ahead.”

It is said that the body is a boat given to us to sail across the ocean of life. Here are a few tips to maintain the boat, so that it can face the storms of life.

• Make friends with a young doctor whom you can trust. Then trust him and make him a partner in achieving radiant health.
• Consult him regularly to engage in conditioning, monitoring and health maintenance. Going to a doctor when you are seriously ill is too late.
• Do not self medicate or prescribe from the internet.
• Have a daily schedule of exercise, diet and meditation.
• Take 5 happiness breaks a day. Plan 5 minute activities that give you a real kick.

By all means seek the help of the net to do this.