Introduce the Nine Emotions of the Nava Rasas

Introduce the team to the motivating force of positive emotions. The mind is filled with emotions, both positive and negative, and the way you deal with them can create a positive field. The nava rasas, a 2000 – year old Indian concept of emotions, can be your guide to understanding the impact of the nine emotions,

The nine rasas are:


Positive emotions or states like love, humour, compassion, chivalry and wonder can create a positive field and put you in a happy and enthusiastic state of mind. This state fills your blood with the chemicals of happiness and well-being and is conducive to the building or rebuilding of a healthy body and mind.

The negative rasas like anger, fear and abhorrence, create a state of mind which create a negative field through filling your blood with the chemicals of unrest and unhappiness.

During meditation, serotonins and endorphins, chemicals that induce peace and tranquility, flow into the blood. Breathing, heart rate and pulse rate stabilize. The mind is able to function calmly and freely. An alert and relaxed attitude is required for the teamwork involved in building ideas and analyzing them