Design Communications

Ensure that all stakeholders start with the same, clear concepts about what is required. Often each member of the team has limited knowledge about the product, thus the chances of success are reduced. The situation is like the six blind men of legend who were asked to describe an elephant – no one had a complete picture of the animal. Some thinking tools like 6M help all stakeholders to have a unified vision of the product.

The communication needs to be clear and should encourage response. Communication about problems can be through Idea Corners, where participants are encouraged to write their solutions. Usable solutions should be shared and rolled out across the organization.

The Innovation Centre

A place may be set apart as the Innovation Centre. Those interested in e-learning should be encouraged to use computer programmes developed for this purpose. The thinking tools could be used to develop exercises. Those using the programme can then be tested on what they have learnt. Weekly training sessions must be held to improve learning and practice of tools. Monthly quizzes on innovation keep the initiative moving smoothly.