Innovation Censor Board

Each of us have a strict censor board sitting in our minds. Whenever an unusual idea pops up, the censor board sits up in horror and suppresses it before it can throw us open to ridicule. The censor board protects us against laughter and contempt. As a result, only two hundred years old, run of the mill ideas pass through this formidable filter. Consider all these statements that were considered nonsense.
• A person can communicate with 173 countries simultaneously at the click of a button.
• Men can fly like birds.
• Photographs can be instantly printed.
• Marriages can be fixed on the Internet.
“There is no likelihood that man can ever tap the power of the Atom” said Robert Millikan, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics 1923.Often nonsense, a silly question, playing the fool ,can all lead to breakthrough ideas. A wild idea that is tamed, can be a brilliant innovation.