Happiness in Employment

Work occupies a central position in most lives. If you like your job then it is undoubtedly the best way to pursue happiness. Generally, people who are not satisfied with their jobs wait for Fridays. And that is exactly the reason why, the term, TGIF is so popular. People want to go home and enjoy. Kahlil Gibran once asked, ‘What is it to work with love?’, to which the Prophet replied, ‘It is to weave the cloth from the strings of your heart as though your beloved were to wear it!’
So how can you deal with sadness in your career, at work. Firstly, you need to find something which really makes you happy. Let us look at some situations at work which cause sadness and how we can overcome it.
A. Getting a pink slip: When you lose your job, sometimes, some people stop taking care of themselves. They get depressed and become a recluse of sorts. But there are others who use this as an opportunity to break away from the past and look for something more meaningful. For instance, consider a doctor who lost his job in a hospital. He probably always wanted to be a writer. So he may use this loss as a tool to put his writing skills to good use.
One should always use such situations to meet new people, open up to life and not look at it as an obstacle. If you want to be happy, look at every event in your life as an opportunity

B. Being overlooked for a promotion- If you are not climbing the professional ladder, at work, the way you want, then you need to network with others and find ways to improve the possibilities. Happiness is about taking a chance and proactively finding out the happenings at workplace.