Group Presentations

A final presentation is made to all the teams by each of the group. All the teams do in-out listening . Don’t forget that in active listening, one listens for value, and also to record one’s own ideas and flights of imagination. It is amazing the kind of ideas that will float into one’s mind, when one listens carefully and dispassionately. All ideas should be given to the problem owner and respectfully considered and debated if necessary.

This is the last chance for the group to improve, refine and develop plans before implementation. Time can be fruitfully spent at this time – there is no need to rush into action. Get total understanding of the whole roadmap and complete buy-in from the team. Time spent to de-bug the plan before roll out is never wasted.

Team leaders can use this time to study collaborative links between teams. This will prevent turf wars, once the implementation schedule starts. Surveys have shown that this is key step in breaking down barriers and the formation of silos within organization. Unity is stressed and everyone is helped to get a bird’s eye view of the plan.

Action: A full day can be set apart for the presentation to the top management